Raw joints




* Handy for on-the-go medicating!
* Saves those with Arthritis and other discomfort from having to roll their own.
* Fast, ready delivery of medicine to those with Seizure Disorders.
** Image shows what our joints look like.  All Pre-Rolled Joints are sold Individually (not in a pack).
** Strains currently available are listed in the drop-down menu.

* Each of our standard Pre-Rolled Joints contain 0.5g (1/2 gram) of ground flowers and bottom of jar shake/trichomes, and are made using Organic RAW Pre-Rolled Hemp Cones.

* Each of our DEM Pure Certified Premium Pure Rolls contain 1.5g of flowers (tops only) and will be shipped in its own glass tube with a cork stopper to preserve the integrity of the joint and to ensure an ideal curing environment.

* Some of our Pre-Rolled Joints contain 0.5g (1/2 gram) of ground FLOWERS ONLY.  These are denoted with the word “Flowers” in their listed name.


CUSTOM JOINTS (from existing Flowers on our menu)
If you are interested in having us roll Joints for you from Flower strains that are not available on this page, please follow these instructions:

  • Add your chosen quantity of Flowers to your Shopping Cart.
    ** Each gram of Flowers ordered can be made into Two (2) Joints, with 0.5g (1/2 gram) of Flowers per Joint.
  • Specify in the Order Notes which Flowers in your order you would like for us to roll into Joints for you and what size Joints you would like.
  • Add $1.50 per Custom Joint to your payment total.  This fee covers our materials and the time it takes for one of our helpers to create your Joint(s).
  • Enjoy!


** Occasionally, the pack of the flowers will tighten during shipping.  Upon receipt, please roll each joint gently in your fingers, starting from the filter and working toward the thick end of the joint.  If done gently and evenly, this will loosen the pack and ensure a smooth, even burn throughout the entire joint.  Test for tight spots before lighting, as they could hamper the flow of the smoke.  We wish for you to enjoy each medicinal Pre-Rolled Joint experience to its fullest!